BeAmaz was born from the need to nurture our planet and people in a better way.


We aspire to create an ecosystem that amplifies biodiversity

Our mission is to enhance the lives of families through the consumption of superfoods produced in a sustainable, transparent, and honest manner. This will promote improved economic conditions for families in Latin America while also addressing the issue of climate change.

Process proved by thousands of years of experience.

We are dedicated to transforming the unique ingredients of Latin American biodiversity into high-value products for the global food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.



Our team consists of highly skilled agriculture experts specializing in the production of novel foods from the Amazon region.

New Applications

We combine ancestral agricultural knowledge with cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to enhance our approach.

29 New Seeds

We bring 29 new novel seeds to the table. All with their own unique benefits to improve health for all and transform the food system.

Climate-Resilient Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

In collaboration with our team of indigenous agricultural experts, we utilize a production method that has sustained the planet, and people for over 5000 years without causing harm.

Social & Economic Impact

Through our inclusive co-operative we improve the live of women who today work in illegal produce. We offer them better conditions and a safer working environment.

Soil & human gut health

Many are unaware that our current production methods deplete our soil, leaving us with only 30 years to continue producing unless we implement change. At BeAmaz, we prioritize the promotion of happy gut health for both our bodies and soil, ensuring a future-proofed approach to agriculture.

We collaborate with industry leaders who share our core values to transform raw materials into innovative, high-quality products that meet our standards of sustainability and ethical production.


We bring new, nutritious products to market under our bespoke brand in collaboration with experts in their respective fields. Through partnerships with companies we admire, we strive to make our products widely available to consumers.

Ingredient suppliers

We collaborate with companies to co-create new products under their brand, bringing new and innovative ingredients along with our team of R&D experts to the table. Our goal is to provide highly nutritious food to as many consumers as possible.

Driven by relationships, supported by science.

Our team includes experts in agronomy, engineering, researchers, impact cluster and most of all they have the will to make our seeds see new hights.

Founding Year

Together lets build a future proof tomorrow!

Latest news

BeAmaz and Blendhub partner to develop nutritious and sustainable food from a Latin American superfood

The project will be presented this week at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.
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BeAmaz, the social impact startup that co-develops protein breads with Europastry.
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Our CEO Eliana Bejarano spoke at the Food For Future World Summit

Our CEO Eliana Bejarano spoke at the Food For Future World Summit.
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